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MU 60 - AE

Industrial X-ray and CT Inspection System for the Aerospace and Foundry Industry

YXLON MU60 AE is a compact industrial X-ray and computed tomography (CT) inspection system designed for broad aerospace and foundry (automotive) applications. Flexible 2D and 3D inspection of casting defects and production flaws provide the confidence of a safe and reliable analysis.

X-ray radioscopy for aeronautic

      • Compact X-ray system for high-quality, dependable inspection results
      • Optional CT scan functionality for three dimensional analysis
      • Manual and programmable X-ray and computed tomography inspection
      • Truelnspect ADR (automatic defect recognition) for foundry applications
      • Responsive solution that can be adapted to your special application needs
      • Compliant with current aerospace standards (DICONDE, ASTM, Guidelines by MAI, Nadcap)

System Capabilities

The MU60 AE is an excellent solution for a wide range of applications in aerospace and automotive industries such as light metal, special alloy cast parts, plastics, and welds.
The system is specifically designed to meet rigorous safety and quality guidelines of the aerospace sector. In order to ensure acceptable inspection quality of your safety-critical components, the MU60 AE complies with requirements of current industry standards such as MAI, Nadcap, ASTM, and DICONDE.
Clear, crisp 2D industrial X-ray images are complimented by our computed tomography (CT scan) option, which allows for failure analysis in three-dimensional volume and slices. With high detail visibility and brilliant image quality, even the smallest defects in complex system geometries can be detected. Welds of bleed air ducts or hydraulic conduits are easily inspected, as well as turbine blades and structural aircraft parts.
Positioning MU60 AE as a flexible, future proof system, there are a series of options to expand your capabilities:

      • YXLON AdResult, a long-term archiving tool
      • Review workstation for image evaluation
      • Data Matrix Code reader for part type recognition
      • Floor tilt axis for maximum versatility

The MU60 AE is also suited for inspection of foundry cast parts as in the automotive industry. Optional TrueInspect ADR (automated defect recognition) makes inspections smooth and time effective.
Add the high precision of a CT scan and even the smallest anomalies can be reliably detected. This is particularly useful in safety-critical parts like brake systems, which require a higher level of visible detail to meet manufacturer’s safety and quality specifications.

Technical Data

Respective Value
(standard 225 kV)
Respective Value
(XL 225 kV)
Maximum Sample Weight
60 [kg] (opt. 200 kg)
60 [kg]  (opt. 200 kg)
System Dimension
2250 x 1850 x 2750 [mm]
2700 x 2100 x 3350 [mm]
System Weight
~ 6,5 [t]
~ 10 [t]
Inspection Envelope DR (2D) Diameter x Height
600 x 900 [mm]
800 x 1500 [mm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) Diameter x Height
~150 x 150 [mm]
~160 x 150 [mm]
Focus-Detector-Distance (FDD)
695 - 995 [mm]
945 - 1245 [mm]
X-ray Tube
160 - 320 [kV]
160 - 320 [kV]
Detector Active Area
1792 x 2176 [px]
1792 x 2176 [px]

Brigida Michele      Email: brigida.michele@xrayconsult.it
Via Uboldo 2/c - 20063
Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)     Tel.:   338 3688709
P.I. IT08888640961            Skype: brigida.michele
XRAYCONSULT                                P.I. 08888640961
Email: brigida.michele@xrayconsult.it
Tel.:   338 3688709
Skype: brigida.michele
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