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YXLON MG is a product line of unipolar and bipolar stationary X-ray modules with power output of 2.25 kW and 4.5 kW at a voltage spectrum from 100 kV to 600 kV. They are designed for non-destructive testing of plastics, rubber, lightweight cast parts, and high-density materials.
Gruppo Generatori di alta tensione e tubo RX

      • Modules contain YXLON TU X-ray tube, high-voltage generator, HV cables, cooler, interconnection cables
      • High voltage capability from 100 kV to 600 kV
      • Output-optimized focal spot through Variofocus technology
      • Stable, constant voltage power supply and tube current
      • Robust, long lifespan design for rough industry environments
      • Easy integration and operation for optimized system performance
Funzionalità di sistema

MGs are stationary, universal, constant-voltage X-ray generators from YXLON with a power output of up to 4.5 kW and high voltages of up to 600 kV and are utilized in a wide range of applications.

The stationary X-ray modules have been designed for operation in radioscopic inspection systems and for radiography. Thanks to 40 kHz technology, their high stability and setting precision for both the high voltage and tube current make these X-ray generators well suited for us in computed tomography and dosimetry. Operating parameters and reports of defects are shown in clear text on a large LED display of the control unit.

The YXLON XST Variofocus tube with adjustable focal spot from 250 µm to 800 µm and power output up to 1600 kW is ideally suited for high-resolution applications at high power output. You can acquire everything from images in short inspection time to high-resolution detailed X-ray images.

The X-ray modules are supplemented by a large selection of accessories, including motorized or manual collimators, tripods, and X-ray beam centering aids, which make the daily work much easier and increase the functionality of the stationary X-ray modules.

Modules can be complemented by YXLON HDR Imaging Kits with flat-panel detector and different service packages like service and warranty passes, trainings, and spare parts. They are protected against exposure to water and comply with International Protection Code IP54.

Brigida Michele      Email: brigida.michele@xrayconsult.it
Via Uboldo 2/c - 20063
Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)     Tel.:   338 3688709
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Email: brigida.michele@xrayconsult.it
Tel.:   338 3688709
P.I. IT08888640961
Skype: brigida.michele
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